BC Lions

2019 Season Parking Permit


The pass is valid for parking at the following location only. Alternative parking options may be available nearby.

Lot #222
118 Robson Street
118 Robson Street


Premium Reserved Parking!!

Located right across from BC Place stadium, on Richards and Beatty.

You will be assigned your own reserved parking space, for use on BC Lions Home Game Days.

Cost per Game


Cost for Full Season

C$1,250.00 Parking rate
500.00 Administrative fee
300.00 TransLink tax
102.50 GST
C$2,152.50 Total charge per parking pass

Order Form

Please fill in the mandatory fields and click on "SUBMIT" to proceed to the secure payment screen (don't forget to review the Terms and Conditions). Please note passes are non-refundable.

Important: Please ensure your address is accurate. If you select "Courier" as a delivery option, your passes will be sent by Registered Mail to that address during the week of May 28th, 2019.

If you select "Pick-up" as an option your passes will be available by June 1st, 2019 at our downtown office:

Suite 1310 - 1140 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4G1

1. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

2. Parking charges are for the licensed use of a parking space only and WestPark is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage to the Parking Guest or any of its driver(s), passengers and/or invitees, or their vehicle(s) or its contents.

3. The Parking Guest agrees to follow all instructions related to the parking facility, including posted signs and those provided in writing from time to time or by a WestPark personnel.

4. Any vehicle parking at a WestPark facility must be licensed and insured to operate on public roads; storage policies will not be accepted. Further, the parking of vehicles that (in the opinion of WestPark) pose any kind of hazard or have hazardous contents is also prohibited.

5. The Parking Guest agrees to immediately report any damage caused by them or their vehicle while at the parking facility.

6. The Parking Guest agrees to obey all traffic signs and laws within the parking facility and to not drive erratically. The Parking Guest, or their driver(s), passengers and/or invitees, will not engage in conduct that is deemed inappropriate or lewd. The Parking Guest agrees not to resell their Parking Pass Code and associated privileges.

7. The Parking Guest must park only in those areas designated by WestPark and agrees to be liable and responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of not abiding to posted guidelines and any associated instructions.

8. WestPark reserves the right at any time and from time to time, to temporarily change the permitted use of the site while giving reasonable notice to the Guest.

9. Any breach of the aforementioned items will be subject to immediate termination of parking privileges and this contract.

10. A Parking Pass Code will be issued to the Parking Guest and is only valid on game days at BC Place. It is the Parking Guest's responsibility to keep their Parking Pass Code secure (once used, it cannot reissue a subsequent pass for that day).

11. If a replacement Parking Pass Code is required, a $20.00 administration fee will be assessed to obtain a new Parking Pass Code.

12. The Parking Pass Code is used to register Parking Guest vehicle's plates for eligible parking. If the vehicle plate is not registered properly, the vehicle may be ticketed and/or towed.

13. The Parking Pass Code is valid only on BC Lions Game days played at BC Place.

14. The Parking Pass Code is valid only for the designated Lot number that is was purchased for, and will not be accepted at other locations.

15. WestPark reserves the right to relocate a Season Parking Pass holder to another WestPark parking lot for any reason at any time during the pre-season and regular season games.

16. Although WestPark will do its best to ensure that space remains available for Season Parking Pass holders at all times, we can only guarantee space for the Parking Pass holders for up to 15 minutes before the posted start time of each game. In the case that the designated Lot has no space availability due to late arrival, the Parking Guest may be directed to another WestPark lot where you must purchase the posted parking rate.

17. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for unused Parking Pass Codes.