1) How do I report a problem with a parking meter?

Please see the rate sign for information on the contact number for your respective city. If the meter is out of order, please contact our local office to notify them of the issue and receive further instructions, which can include the ability to pay via credit card and register your vehicle as compliant – this will reduce the risk of your vehicle being issued a parking  notice.

2) How can I pay at the meters?

All our parking equipment is set up to accept credit cards. Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Some meters (but not all) can accept coins. Most meters do not accept paper money.

As an alternative, you can register with our pay-by-phone feature.

3) Can I purchase long term / weekly parking from the meter?

Some of our locations will offer longer term and/or weekly parking special rates – please review the rate board at each location for further information or our list of locations on this web site. If you wish to park longer than the options displayed, please contact our office and one of our Guest Service Representatives would be happy to assist you.

4) Monthly parking

Please see our FAQ page on monthly parking for all your inquiries or call our local guest services department.

5) Parking  notices / patrol

Please see our FAQ page on parking notices for all your inquiries or call our local guest service department.

6) Is my online payment safe and secure?

Your security is of paramount importance to us. With our online payment system, your private information is as safe and secure as possible. We are using advanced security encryption technology to ensure your information is protected and not available to any outside sources.  We never provide any outside agency information regarding how, when or how much you pay.

7) Is parking free on provincial/state and federal holidays?

Parking rates apply twenty-four hours, seven days a week at all our facilities. It is possible that some locations may provide discounted parking during statutory holidays – please consult the attendant on duty or scroll the rates on the parking equipment.

8) What happens if the garage I am parked in is closed when I return?

Hours of operation are posted at all facilities where a gate function that locks down for the night is in place. In the event that you cannot access your vehicle, please call the number posted at the entrance of lot and one of our representatives will assist you at their earliest. Please note that a convenience fee may apply for after-hours calls to access restricted areas.

9) I returned to the lot and my vehicle is missing.

Please call the local office to find out if the vehicle has been towed due to multiple outstanding violations. Information relating to the towing service company is posted at each of our locations.  If it is determined that the vehicle has not been towed, we recommend that you to contact the local police and your insurance agency to report a possible incident. WestPark does not accept liability for vehicles or their content while on the facilities.


Parking Notices / Patrol FAQs

1) Do we lurk behind the bushes?

NO!  At a majority of our facilities we offer a small grace period before issuing a parking notice.

2) Do you have the authority to fine me?

Our notices are not classified as fines as only organizations authorized by statute may issue tickets or impose fines (such as a Municipality). The amount we claim on our notices represents the debt owed to WestPark under the terms of the contract entered into when you park on one of our facilities.

3) Why are the parking notices more than the parking rate?

The amount charged is a reflection of the additional cost for patrolling the locations, enforcing the regulations, and collection activities. The amount of the notice is reduced if paid within a set period as it eliminates the need for us to start collection activities; this amount is credited back to the patron in the form of a reduced fee.

4) I have monthly parking. Why did I get a notice?

If the valid monthly pass or decal was not clearly visible or you were parked incorrectly (fire lane, reserved space) you may receive a notice. If you forgot your monthly decal, you may call the office to explain your situation and they will forward the information to the field to help prevent your vehicle from receiving a notice.

5) I was only over by a few minutes.

At WestPark we believe in giving the guest the benefit of the doubt that is why we work with a grace period, which may vary from location to location, before writing any notices.

6) I paid for parking. Why did I receive a notice?

Please review your notice carefully to identify the reason why it was issued. It is possible that you had paid for parking but were in violation in some other way, such as being parked in a reserved stall, parked over two stalls, or utilizing a handicap stall without proper identification.

7) Why do you tow vehicles?

Towing can be very expensive and inconvenient for the vehicle owner, and we only use it as a last resort option. We reserve the right to tow any vehicle parked without permission. As a general rule, we may tow under the following circumstances:
• Unauthorized use of a reserved parking stall
• Blocking a laneway, fire lane or other vehicle
• Vehicle leaking fluid or presents a danger to others
• Overdue payment notice(s)

8) What happens if I do not pay?

If the debt owed to us is not paid within the time frame set out on the notice, the matter will be referred to a collection agency. If your vehicle is again parked on one of our locations without authorization (monthly pass/decal or meter receipt) your vehicle may be towed. We also reserve the right to:
• Sue you in court for the unpaid debt
• Take any other action that we are entitled to under the law

9) How did you get my name and address?  What do you do with this information?

As a parking operator, we are required to abide by strict confidentiality standards as set out in each province or state. Operators that abide by these standards are entitled to access provincial/state vehicle ownership records. Our agreement with the province/state allows us, based on licence plates, to obtain basic information on vehicle’s owner including their name and registered address.
This information is permitted by the freedom of information and personal privacy laws in your province or state of residence. The personal information obtained is limited to only official employees of WestPark and strictly controlled.
The information is restricted in use and can only be accessed for the purpose of following up on outstanding notices and or initiating legal proceedings if required and only by authorized employees.
WestPark does not provide this information to any third parties with the exception of the delivery of notifications, and registered debt collection agencies. The debt collection agencies are held to strict confidentiality standards as outlined in the provincial or state privacy legislation/act and/or debt collection legislation/act.

10) Is the issuance of notices legal?

All our locations are located on private property and we follow all the guidelines required for the monitoring and issuance of notices.  WestPark fully complies with all local parking by-laws, towing by-laws, and Federal and Provincial/State laws.

At WestPark we believe that we are entitled to be paid for parking privileges provided to guests while parked at our locations or for those authorized to be parked at a particular location for a specified amount of time. By issuing notices we are able to avoid the towing of vehicles whenever possible, giving us the leeway to be flexible when the situation requires.

11) How can I dispute a parking notice?

We would like to ensure that all our guests are treated fairly. From time to time, there may be a parking notice issued in error, or perhaps the reason for issuance needs further clarification. If you would like to discuss or further dispute your notice, please complete the required information on our online guest services form, or you may call or fax in your dispute to the branch identified on the back of the notice.

12) How do I pay for my notice?

You may make and online notice payment  through our secure payment page, or you may mail in your payment to the Remit Payment To: address located on the back of the notice.

Monthly Parking FAQs

1) How do I apply for monthly parking?

You may sign up for monthly parking directly on line by following this link or by calling one of our Guest Services Representatives in your local city as they would be happy to set up your account for you.

2) Can I access my account on-line?

If you are having issues, please contact the Guest Services Department in your city.

3) What services does the monthly parking on-line system allow?

The Monthly on-line system allows for the following account management options:
• View you current account status
• Make a payment to the account using credit card
• Change the customer profile
• Update vehicle information (i.e. licence plate)
• Update your pre-authorized payment method
• Apply for additional parking
• Request cancellation of all or part of your account

4) I don’t like to use the computer. How can I manage my account?

One of our Guest Services Representatives will be happy to help you over the phone, or feel free to visit one of our local offices for personal service – at WestPark we are always happy to meet with our guests.

5) Why can't I purchase one monthly pass for multiple or all your locations?

Each facility is owned by different entities and is thus managed as a separate business. Due to differing interests makes it not possible for us to isolate the location being frequented and the exact payment due for its use. One can purchase multiple parking passes for a variety of locations – please contact our Guest Services Department and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. 

6) Where is my monthly pass valid?

Your Monthly Parking Pass (or decal) is issued for use at a specific location during initial sign up and is only valid at that location. Please note that the location number will be displayed on your pass for easy reference.

7) Do you guarantee space for monthly parkers?

Specific spaces within a facility or parking lot are not guaranteed – spaces are available on a first-come first-served basis.  For greater certainty that a space will be available to you, for a premium, reserved parking spaces are offered at a majority of the locations we manage.  Also, it is possible that on rare occasions a location may be closed due to maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances. During such events, alternative parking will be announced to our monthly parkers, or please contact our local office if you are experiencing any difficulties. We will always try to provide you with advance notice of any changes.

8) I wish to pay for my visitor’s parking but do not want to purchase multiple parking passes

Our team would be happy to explore a validation program with you and find a solution that best meets your needs.  Please contact our Guest Services Department and someone will assist you.

9) I cannot find the lot I am looking for on your map.

It is possible that the location you are looking for currently does not provide monthly parking or has no space available. Please call the Guest Services Department and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

10) Can I receive my monthly parking invoice via email and stop receiving a paper copy each month?

Absolutely! We support your decision and thank you for considering the environment. Please submit your request through our Guest Services form and we will either contact you for additional information, or confirm your request has been processed.